Thursday, February 15, 2018

RIP Rory_Fella

well im a little late but not everyone is up to date on stuff sadly Rory_Fella has pass away last week. Social Broadcasting has lost a other one due to Alchool and this life we live on here and sadly he committed suicide.Rory was fun to be around and was a fun drinking partner. if anyone wants to hekp his family they have a Gofundme up if you want to help.His Brother Rob also came into a room in TC and i recorded some of it he share some memory of his brother.

New Twitch Guidelines

So this is pretty long and you can read it for yourself here   but i figure id go over the key points.

So they will now Banned people for harassing someone on twitch not on twitch so if your talking shit about someone on youtube for example or are not breaking a rule on there website they can ban you for pretty much just speaking out against something they dont believe in i find this insane.

Now this i feel will bite them in the ass. the majority of woman on twitch knows that sex sells and they use it to there advantage. A lot of the girls on Twitch are ether former Pornstars ,MFC or just sluts and to them it a easier way to get a income rather then getting fucked or naked they just tease these gamer virgins and make them pay 100$ of dollars for non naked picture on patreon.Now im not quite sure what Lewds stands for but from what i have seen it something a lot of woan offer on Patreon. In a way there making income that twitch cant have since it not on there platform. we cant get naked on your website? will cast on there but promote a way for our subscriber to pay us and see us naked.anyways should be interesting to see where all these girls go.

So you have to wear something that you would wear in a public restaurant or you get banned lol so there goes all the cosplayers

the good news is they have until next week to get there shit together will see what happens

Jessicaluvsjesus wants to Take PatrickVa to church

Could PatrickVa have wooed a other woman unto his fold? First it was Sarah62 then AppleCandyFruity now it Jessica that wants to take Patty to church

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sissy has Mormons over

if you ever wanted to watch how Mormons that come over to your house on a Friday morning lure your in this is the video for you.

Drunk Sam casts talks about how he lost 10 000$ and the weird things he does on Skype

This Video kinda long but it was a fun and entertaining cast he talks a lot about the weird shit he dies in skype and stuff.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Honest Frank is a Hero and a Therapist

Frank talk about how Battlecam is dead and full of troll and that everyone will follow him on his website

Honest frank Talk about how he thinks Toxic Wife looks like a child and also talks about how he has had not had sex in over 10 years and has only been with 1 woman his whole life the woman he had sex with at 14