Monday, April 20, 2015

Warbuck fought the police


JustSayin said...

Warrbucks is guilty of elder abuse. The vaughns are guilty by allowing him to cam this atrocity and not shutting down his cast. It's sickening. I watched about 5 minutes the other night while he was cursing his elderly mother and I had to shut it off.

Shame on you Mark and Miss Scruffy. Shame on you for allowing such elder abuse to be condoned on your site for viewers.

Drunks like Warren put their parents through a living hell. She seems like such a nice lady. Her golden years should be away from her abusive alcoholic son. The fact he says "I love my mom" and she just nods her head shows she's going through a daily routine where they are just words without meaning. He needs a judge to put him in a hospital to dry him out and make him stay away from his mother.

It was DISGUSTING to see that this goes on nightly on I've never watched his channel before.

They'll boot bish for a boob shot but allow such blatant elder abuse to go on? Please. These are certainly NOT people with any moral or christian values.

Anonymous said...

Lock the pedo and mother abuser away for awhile.

Anonymous said...

fought the police? yeah sure the pedo did.