Friday, May 29, 2015

Ryderbak showing his dox for Pizza


Anonymous said...

Sexychris and ryder two UK alcoholics. Times must be getting tough for Ryder if he is asking sexychris another alcoholic to move in with him. Sexychris (ontheloose) a leech on society also begging again. It would be a double derailment if those two got together casting.

Niclr has cancer according to what he says on cam? Well not everyone who does chemotherapy looses their hair. It would be a pretty shitty thing to lie about though.

Yes, Coffeetime is a whiny attention seeking bitch.

Anonymous said...

i hate chris vile hes a real sick Phycopatic sexual predator who is suffering delusions of grandeur has a total selfish manipulative .he actually a very dangerous person im my option ,chris is parasite of all the energy attention and women showing themselves naked on Skype the are feeding this ape with money handouts and attention...imagine what this aggressive mean bastard will do when it stops .hes doing this begging routine for years and he has learned from watching like the monkey he is from others like fox man